Introduction to SQLMap (ISSA KY Workshop)

Author: Jeremy Druin
Twitter: @webpwnized
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Taped at the ISSA Kentuckiana February 2013 Workshop, this video review making use of sqlmap; an automated sql injection audit tool. The environment is a Backtrack 5 R3 “aggressor” and a Windows XP “victim” running as virtual makers on Oracle VirtualBox.

The video walks through utilizing sqlmap to locate an sql injection, determine the backend database type, enumerate the database account, databases, schema, tables, columns and password hashes, then use the database to compromise the windows host.

The database was created by installing XAMPP, unzipping the Mutillidae files into the C: xampp htdocs directory, then clicking the “Set up database” button in Mutillidae. Mutillidae has an intentionally vulnerable login page against which the sql injection was performed.

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